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Message from the Director

Peek into our Classrooms and you’ll see young children reading books, solving puzzles, bursting bubbles and exploring the world through singing, dancing, coloring and sticking.
At TSEY VK, we strictly apply established learning goals, also known as standards, to clearly layout what our children must know to be successful in challenging school years ahead. For the child this manifests the preschool into a child centeredenviornment in which the children will develop their most vital learning tool – their own minds. With a high focus on language and literacy, development of fine motor skills, and a questioning mind set, our curriculum aptly prepares children for a successful transition “big school”.

Learning is paramount while the joy, enthusiasm and sense of wonder that are forever heart and soul of our preschool. The hands on and minds on activities are not only effective, but also respect the playful, exploratory way children learn the best. During the years children spent with us they are encouraged to think creatively, examine critically and solve problems. They will leave TSEY VK knowing the most important skill of how to “learn”.

   Anu Malhotra (DIRECTOR)
   The Shriram Early Years GK & VK