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Career Opportunities at TSEY

TSEY attempts to provide an open environment to all employees with respect to freedom, empowerment and expression. We continuously endeavor to create an environment where people feel comfortable in expressing their feelings, opinions, views and suggestions without any fear of reprisal. We believe in open dialogue of employees with Management to regularly understand the issues and identify improvement areas.

We believe that the success of our institution depends entirely on the quality of our people. People are, and will always remain the differentiating factor towards making TSEY one of the best schools in early childhood education.

We believe in hiring people with an undying passion for teaching and desire to make a difference in a child’s early schooling years, which are important to lay strong foundation for the future. At TSEY, we follow thorough hiring process to ensure that we get the right fit.

If you feel you have the passion and the value system that we seek, if you are looking for a place where work and fun go hand in hand, where you get ample opportunities to learn and contribute in a nurturing environment, please and submit your application at poonam.nagpal@tseygk.in. You may also contact our recruitment team at +91-11 65636770, who shall get back with suitable openings after reviewing your application.